The ultimate in forbidden fruit, take a naughty stroll with US into the  bedroom – and partake in the original sin… Whether it’s a cheeky one  hour romp in the bedroom, or a lengthier encounter over dinner with a  glass of wine, some engaging conversation and a saucy dessert; WE are  sensual, seductive, and smart companion for all occasions. A leggy,  porcelain skinned beauty with extensive university education who are  well travelled and worldly, even at 27, we are  the ultimate combination of beauty, brains,  and raw sexuality.

WE truly treasure and relish everything that  escorting brings to OUR  life. The spectrum of experiences to be had –  being able to taste the many flavours of the rainbow. WE value  communication, intimacy, passion and fun, which you will see if you are  lucky enough to spend time with Us  Our date will be filled with all  that plus a cheeky sense of humour and quick wit to boot.

So what are you waiting for? Take  OUR hands, let’s stroll into that garden and let the cheeky adventures begin…

Whether you’re new or experienced, We will do our best to ensure an unforgettable experience