Do you want someone who understands the necessity of both an emotional and sensual connection as a prerequisite for a mutually satisfying encounter?

Do you long for a compassionate confidante with whom you can comfortably share your secrets?

Do you seek an engaging conversationalist who will challenge you both intellectually and passionately?

Do you want an honest, down to earth companion who is smoking, drug, alcohol and drama free? One you can experience in a slow, relaxed pace without her hurried, professional companion mentality?

If so … then I may be the one for you. My name is Kate and I’ve determined that the above qualities are essential to many for a lasting and fulfilling engagement. I also have other, less-serious but equally fantastic attributes that enable you to have the time of your companion-hiring life with me!

I’m super relaxed and light-hearted which helps you feel super relaxed and light-hearted as well. Our time together is capital F.U.N.!

I have amazing curvy hips and the juiciest round bubble butt. All of it just begging to be squeezed and played with!

I’m a mature companion. You won’t feel like you’re dating one of your daughter’s friends. 😉

I’m kinda nerdy square (with a naughty-where-it-counts side) which means I don’t show up to your hotel or home with tattoos or piercings. I simply blend in, not drawing unwanted attention.

I’m GFE ~ translation ~ you gets lots of kissing, cuddling, sensuality and passion ~ just like a real girlfriend.

I’m pretty damn dependable. When you confirm with me, you’re getting a companion who will show up and show up on time.

For our privacy and decorum, the details of our time together should be kept between us. Standard industry review formats are tasteless and I prefer my clients not write them. 9 out of 10 dentists (and doctors, lawyers and CEO’s) agree ~ I’m just as advertised. No worries.

So, what are you waiting for? Your fun and fulfillment is mine. I personally answer your emails and usually very quickly. No one has access to my phone or computer and your confidentiality is ensured as my business reputation depends on it.

I’m sincerely looking forward to getting to know you and enjoying our time together with much pleasure!Can’t wait!